Landscape / World Trade Centre, Greater Noida

Landscape / World Trade Centre, Greater Noida

World Trade Centre

Greater Noida

Client: Viridian Red
Architect: Abaxial Architects
Area: 20 Acres
Status: Ongoing since 2016

The proposed corporate park has been designed as a contracting setting to the large monolithic monster blocks that sit heavily on the fragile fringe of the Yamuna floodplains. to resonate the surrounding natural landscape of the floodplains and as a mark of acknowledgement to the impact on the same impinged by these builtform, the proposed landscape demonstrates the ripple effects flow through the interstitial spaces and culminates to a natural stillform at the end of the residential components. re-circulated system of rainwater to generate visual water medians and root zone treatments are dem-onstrated between the blocks at the driveway. opy from below, and the reflected glow is sufficient for the green space beyond the driveway. The system not only adheres to the strict regulations set by LEED but also successfully reduces the cumulative load requirement of individual landscape light fixtures.