About Design Accord

About Design Accord


DESIGN ACCORD is a boutique design firm based out of New Delhi, India, offering specialized design services in Architecture, Master Planning, Urban Spaces Design, Landscape Design and Interior Design.

At DESIGN ACCORD, we believe that every project provides an unique opportunity to come up with a ‘big’ idea that is inspired by the local character, nature, class and lifestyle of the site and the user, catering not only to the specific functional needs of the project but also imbibe a unique response to the context thus celebrating beauty and delight.

With an energetic and focused team of young Architects and Landscape Architects with diverse exposure at handling vast spectrum of projects across the country and abroad, DESIGN ACCORD continues to strive for a common objective to produce quality design through individuality and ingenuity.

We recognize that the final built form must achieve a balance between the practical and the aesthetic; that a good design goes beyond the superficial and addresses all aspects of achieving a built solution that is suited perfectly to the intended use.

As a firm, our goal is to ensure approvals, implementation and successful operations of the projects. We believe that all of the components required to achieve this goal—creativity, practical planning, quality design, sound financial projections, management and operational expertise—must be innovatively and carefully woven together into a multi-layered process

Design Accord Landscape Planning
The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes - Marcel Proust
Design Accord Landscape Architecture Sketch

Our Design Philosophy

Design Accord Landscape Architecture Design Philosophy

Every open apace around us is a living ecosystem with its natural value and human intervention. The ecosystem is getting uncertain and we all need to understand sensitivity and connectivity of the context between manmade and nature, city and the landscape.

Design Accord Landscape Architecture Design Philosophy

Landscape architecture should be redefined to create the integral link from regional to a garden, and from outdoor to the indoor. Its one powerful tool that can seamlessly bring in the transition between architecture and open space. The spatial typologies and lines dividing need to blur.

Design Accord Landscape Architecture Design Philosophy

We believe in addressing which goes beyond given site or clients’ brief. Our goal lies in not only showing the dream that the client cannot envision but also educating them what is responsible. Along the way, we also develop design strategies to tackle not only fundamental issues of the project but also future challenges.

Design Accord Landscape Architecture Design Philosophy

We need to also understand unlike interior and architecture landscape is always changing. Its not static. It transforms, transits through seasons and years. Being used by a community, it will grow and evolve through time, and eventually become sustainable and inclusive. We need to design landscapes that are not only resilient but also adaptiveto take this irreversible process of change and growth.

Landscape Architecture

The Landscape vertical had been the the strongest driving force for design accord bringing prestigious and large-scale projects from across pan India under its portfolio including few projects abroad in SE Asia and Middle east to its credit. It had won accolades and well known for its mastery of curving out creative outdoor spaces , community delight and joyful public spaces.


The interior vertical of design accord boasts it craftmanship for contemporary , crisp and well detailed interior Spaces with an extra edge of product design , ranging from a residential haven to large floor plates of corporate offices , clubs , commercials , retail arcades and malls.


The Architecture studio had been the recent addition under the wings of Design Accord that is empowered by senior architect partners with an illustrious profile of working on large scale developments for last 30 years in lead role In the erstwhile companies . Currently design Accord has been assigned some of the prestigious projects of national repute.

Concept and Ideology

Our design methodology starts with a simple but critical question which goes beyond given sites or clients’ brief.
Besides understanding the site and the brief, we find out what impact the project can contribute to society and the environment. Each project starts with developing a method to collect and analyse data from

Design Methodology

The idea is to push the design intuition as much as possible and then break down the same with the set of function, cost and program. A big idea can still shine even it is layered with limitations

One part is modulating the open space structure through hard and soft delineations to allow the user to enjoy an inspirational and uplifted experience. The second part is about the language , the forms and shapes that holds the space, the views and linkages that connect . Each project is unique by its nature, context, source and user. The culture, its people , the place making and environmental need should be the cornerstone of the design’s identity and expression.

Design Collaboration

As much as we try to inculcate a sense of design spirit in the studio that tells it the work of Design we also do work in Accord with diverse minds to strengthen our ideas to emerge at a cohesive solution especially best applied to complex large scale projects, aiming to reach the amalgamation of Logic, Adaptability, Detail and Flair.

In today’s world of project deliverables that is multi-layered by different disciplines, software, technology and specialisations collaborations is the only way to move forward.

Work in Progress | Communications

We believe the more you work the more you learn as it becomes a reference. Any unbuilt design effort is not wasted. it’s a continuous process to experiment and evolve. We believe in enjoying the journey. We are inspired to learn and unlearn every day, to be in sync with the emerging trends of landscape.

We also involve in taking regular updates from the site and be in touch with the challenges in the process. Regular clarifications and resolving multiple clashes to find a solution brings in the beauty and elegance of finish .

The Final Execution

Persevering up to the end is a big challenge by itself. We feel that a simple design with quality execution can beat a complex design with mediocre execution. We ensure that a space is finally done when it is supported by sense of place , materiality , intricate details , plant life and people . It’s a final learning that good design and rigour can delight