Landscape / Siddha Sky, Kolkata

Landscape / Siddha Sky, Kolkata

Siddha Sky


Client: Siddha Group
Master Planner & Architect: Agarwal & Agarwal
Area: 6.80 Acres
Status: Ongoing

Siddha Sky, a luxury condominium in the heart of the city of Kolkata is inspired by nature’s organic forms, offering a very high-end lifestyle experience. The all-embracing softscape design concept focuses on nature’s elements – sky, meadow, water and forest. Here, landscape is just not about expansion and increment of boundaries; rather it is about discovery, inclusiveness, surprise and wonder. The design includes a land-art, stepped mound and a rippling water stream wrapping at its base. The mound holds in its inner side an intimate performance cove shaded by tall columnar grid of trees. The main activity is concentrated in the central landscape and activity court with an urban forest, a cascading water feature upon a floating disc leading to a viewing point, adjacent to the sand pit and climbing wall. Green nodes, sitting niches and feature wall are introduced all through the site, providing visual and physical relief.