Landscape / Riverfront Development Ganga Barrage, Kanpur

Landscape / Riverfront Development Ganga Barrage, Kanpur

Riverfront Development Ganga Barrage


Client: Kanpur Development Authority
Master Planner & Architect: Design Accord
Area: 53.00 Acres
Status: Ongoing since 2014

An ambitious plan to completely transform the Ganges riverfront at Kanpur has been taken up by the Special Cell of Ganga Action Plan with the effort to convert the space into a major city-level park and recreational hub for the region. Inspired by Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, this urban park plan also include watch tower facilities – the Flame of Life with panoramic views of the river expanse serving as the focal point of the riverbank.

The zoning of the area comprises of a river-facing land embracing the vibrant riverfront promenade, the ghats, a food street and the flame of life towers. The inner face of the land holds on one side the water park and an amphitheater on the other, both of which look towards an artificial lake, created out of a natural depression. The central design for the park is a biodiversity belt around the lake accompanied by a wetland carved out of the natural basin within the park. A walk within the park passing through the botanical gardens, a visitors’ centre and a water museum would educate the public on the importance of nature, water and ecology. A drive-in-cinema will be the attraction for the local public in the evening. Banquet facilities, a high-street mall, a kid’s museum and a family entertainment centre would energize the edge of the park towards the city.

Well-planned lighting, spread-out amenities, activities and involvement of the public in different fringes of the park at various times of the day would make the park a secured and safe environment for all.