Landscape / Kempegowda International Airport T2, Bengaluru

Landscape / Kempegowda International Airport T2, Bengaluru

Kempegowda International Airport T2


Master Planner & Architect : S.O.M., USA
Concept Landscape Design : Grant Associate, UK
Executive Landsape Architect : Design Accord
Status : Ongoing

The Landscape Design for the airport is the most memorable experience for passengers arriving and leaving for journey with a series of beautiful garden spaces and Forests designed inside out to provide the passengers, arriving, and departing, a unique Terminal experience. The planting proposals within the Forest Belt have been composed and choreographed to create an immersive journey, by reflecting the regional landscape character while incorporating a mix of robust, naturalized species and accented with flowering and signature exotic species including some endemic species where appropriate.

Biodiversity is flying high in the airport. Over 7,700 trees have been transplanted from the existing airport to now feature in the first-of-its-kind ‘airport terminal in a garden’, with over 600 endemic plants, 180 rare species, the longest Greenwall in Asia, the waterfalls inside and outside in the forest belt, altogether orchestrated to create a 'Terminal in the Garden'.