Landscape / Jain Residence, Kolkatta

Landscape / Jain Residence, Kolkatta

Jain Residence


Client: Client: Sanjay Jain, Siddha Group
Architect: J P Agarwal, Agarwal & Agarwal
Area: 0.40 Acres
Status: Completed

A major constraint of this site was its compact size, which ultimately led to the concept of creating a personal tropical forest. The residence has multiple levels of thematic landscape pockets starting from the ground floor up to the terrace garden. Existing trees on the site are proposed to be transplanted to a new location within the site, so as to give the effect of penetrating through dense foliage at arrival. Green walls on the boundary impart the character of an urban sanctuary to the residence. The central court at first floor level will hold large-sized Terminalia mantaly within an organic setting of sheet rock outcrops.