Landscape / India Theme Street, Kunming, China

Landscape / India Theme Street, Kunming, China

India Theme Street

Kunming, China

Client: Jinmayuan Group, China
Architect: Agarwal & Agarwal
Area: 3.00 Acres
Status: Concept Design

The site is located in the busy business district of Kunming City, China where the scope for landscape design and implementation was limited to a tetra stitch stretch originating from the pivot of the district. To create a unique space out of this area has been the primary challenge, which was overcome by the thought of creating a contemporary abstraction of Indian art & architecture and a fusion where ethnicity gets an international dimen-sion. A manifestation of the essence of the lotus—its purity and divinity—is consummated in the geometry of the landscape.

A recreation of a grand In-dian palace walk delineating the authenticity of the royal Indian culture and a double height arcade framing the shop fronts with a hierarchy of primary and secondary arches add grandeur and magnificence to the entire space. Intricate geometry of the introduced jaalis and jharokhas add another royal element while naturally filtering out the sun and the wind, making the walk comfortable.