Landscape / Godrej Township, Khalapur, Maharashtra

Landscape / Godrej Township, Khalapur, Maharashtra

Godrej Township

Khalapur, Maharashtra

Client: Godrej Group
Area: 99 Acres
Status: Concept Stage

The project's primary objective is to incorporate Blue Green Living principles into the plotted Villa township's public spaces, fostering holistic well-being by nurturing the symbiotic connection between oxygen, plants, and a healthful lifestyle. It adheres to a Biophilic Landscape Strategy, seamlessly blending various forest types and green areas like raintree canopies, orchard roads, tropical forests, riverine forests, ceremonial forests, and more throughout the township. The site runs parallel along an active seasonal stream, providing riverine edge treatment layers and sponge landscape along its edge experienced best with a non-intrusive boardwalk. This approach aims to invigorate the mind, body, and spirit while promoting harmony with nature and enriching the overall environment.