Landscape / Galaxy Business Park, Noida, UP

Landscape / Galaxy Business Park, Noida, UP

Galaxy Business Park

Noida, UP

Client: Embassy Office Parks
Architect: Design and Development
Area: 10 acres
Status: Ongoing

This Project is about retrofitting an old campus that had hardly any significant green footprint to a lively green and biophilic IT hub , inviting employees and visitors to refresh their mind, body and spirit through an active public realm and to explore the symbiotic relationship between oxygen, plants and healthy purified living. Key components of the proposed design include enhancing the arrival experience, crafting an immersive transition to a central Miyawaki forest zone, and seamlessly incorporating sunken sports and play zones to encourage interactive settings and physical well-being. Collectively, these elements synergize to enhance and establish a biophilic experience, and a harmonious work-n-breath balance of nature and human interaction within the campus environment.