Landscape / Cottage in the Woods, Delhi

Landscape / Cottage in the Woods, Delhi

Cottage in the Woods

Rajokri, Delhi

Client: Abhishek Dalmia
Architect: Sameep Padora Architects
Area: 2.50 Acres
Status: Tender stage9

This Project is being planned as an unique experience of a farmhouse where the focus is to create the atmosphere of a tropical forest amidst SW Delhi farmland developments . Each and every room unit is being design to prop out from a main trunk of circulation and will be wrapped by greenery. These green fingers infuse the sense of individual cottages being placed in the Woods . A very tight program of non fancy / non -recreational space , with focus of only Greenery as the only experience , a Biopond and minimum walk out spaces will render an unique experience to this farmhouse that is being designed to achieve Net Zero Energy model . To add to the designed Landscape a Microforest wrap based on Miawaki principal will protect the farmhouse from all sides.