Landscape / Tata Housing Gurgaon Gateway, Gurgaon

Landscape / Tata Housing Gurgaon Gateway, Gurgaon

Tata Housing Gurgaon Gateway


Client: Tata Housing Development Company Limited
Master Planner & Architect: HB Design, Singapore
Initial Concept: Ecoplan Asia, Singapore
Area: 30.00 Acres
Status: Completed

A contemporary residential condominium complex, this urban housing proj-ect stands tall near the upcoming Dwarka expressway as an iconic development where landscape design is meant to be a highlight. From the planning stage itself, the design had considerations to accommodate big trees in order to create an urban sanctuary in its central garden, thereby requiring ample area on virgin soil. The lushness of greenery has been taken on the pool deck podium level while at the same time it goes higher up to its vertical facades through intelligent detailing of green wall systems till the 26th floor.