Landscape / Signature Towers Google Corporate Office, Gurugram

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Signature Towers

Google Corporate Office, Gurugram

Client: Unitech Ltd.
Master Planner & Architect: Ricardo Bofill, Spain
Area: 11.00 Acres
Status: Phase-II completed, Phase-III ongoing

Spread across a prime locality on the NH8, this proposed Neo-Classical architectural edifice is to house some of the topmost brands of IT companies. The landscape statement reflects clean lines, strong rectilinear order, symmetry and magnificence with high specifications. The landscape creates an appropriate foreground with its fine geometry to the towers and marks a definitive expression. A mixture of alternate wooden floors and green areas, water ponds with twisted columns that add interest to the regular lines and carefully conceptualized paved zones in and around the towers are some of the major features of the landscape. The lush greenery that provides natural shade, with its controlled lines and edges, comes together to achieve the intended ambience of the scheme.