Landscape / Runwal Enchanted, Thane

Landscape / Runwal Enchanted, Thane

Runwal Enchanted


Client: Runwal Group
Architect: ACIPL
Area: 9.7 Acre
Status: Concept Stage

The unique site of Enchanted is nestled amidst the mangrove ecology abutting the Thane Creek. On the upper level of the site will enjoy the view outward, towards the creek and its horizon. As is the landscape designed on the podium level to best enjoy the view, not only from the water side deck edge but also from the elevated garden above the club terrace.

From the terrace the landscape rolls down onto the podium through a dense grove of trees connecting various amenities as one walks through the organic layout full of bends and turns revealing newer experiences at every turn. The swimming pool is uniquely placed in the belly of the club and enjoys the privacy yet maximum open view of the sky. At the ground level the site is gifted with a bank of large existing trees with wide canopies and the landscape flows through the dappled light of sunlight falling through the leaves providing thus a truly Enchanted experience of living