Landscape / IREO Experience Centre, Gurugram

Landscape / IREO Experience Centre, Gurugram

IREO Experience Centre


Client: IREO
Architect: SCDA, Singapore
Area: 7 acres

The site is located in Gurgaon on a very arid track and low lying zone, with arid soil and hot and dusty winds. the experience centre has been designed as a green oasis in the challenging setting in a very minimalistic approach with treatment of crisp detailing and natural drainage system to drain the garden itself. planting was a challenge on this particular soil, multiple layer of top soil treatment has been done with efficient drainage system to bring a lush greenery to the sales village for the future development that is laid out in the master plan. this experience centre also serves the double purpose of generating mockup for the real project hence careful attention was taken to achieve all detailing and finishes.