Landscape / Forest Resort, Sassan, Gir Forest

Landscape / Forest Resort, Sassan, Gir Forest

Forest Resort

Sassan, Gir Forest

Client: Dinu Solanki
Architect: Designers Group
Area: 15.5 acres
Status: Ongoing

An upcoming Forest Resort is being planned at the Fringe of Gir National park- home to the world’s only Asiatic Lion population. Perched almost like an island, this land parcel is surrounded by a large lake infested with crocodiles. Design Accord along with Designers Group Architects plans to extend the Forest ecology with the cottages cocooned amidst dense native trees, Savannah like grasslands and lagoon pools.

As one drives into the property, the grasslands and Savannah like fields, look at to the right beyond which the lake is visible reaching horizon. To the left the buggy path rolls up to a central circular admin block which also provides the breathtaking view of the water from its reception. A cluster of cottages are perched atop a central rocky high mound providing 360 panoramic view of the lake and forest cover and the hilly terrain beyond. With all amenities and its location this forest resort will stand among many in the region.