Landscape / Delhi Gymkhana Club, New Delhi

Landscape / Delhi Gymkhana Club, New Delhi

Delhi Gymkhana Club

New Delhi

Client: Delhi Gymkhana Club
Architect: Kothari Associates Pvt. Ltd.
Area: 4.00 Acres
Status: Completed

" Delhi Gymkhana has been a unique witness to history and its alcoves
played a pivotal role in the unification of India and transfer of power."

Delhi Gymkhana has a history of almost a century now. British architect Robert T. Russell designed the club, complimenting the Lutyen’s master plan of Delhi. A typical Lutyen’s prototype of Delhi’s streetscape, the de-sign leaves extensive green spaces for landscape design interventions. Russel’s Gymkhana Club site layout gives sufficient outdoor spaces which have a strong impact on the club life. By analyzing the existing British colonial architectural and landscape character of the club, elements of the proposed landscape design intervention and upgradation are mostly derived from formal classical garden landscape concepts with touches of contemporary in terms of material palette and utilities.