Interior / TCG Corporate Office, Kolkatta

Interior / TCG Corporate Office, Kolkatta

TCG Corporate Office


Client: TCG
City: Kolkatta
Interior Architect: Design Accord
Status: Completed
Area: 8000 Sqft

The TCG group is one of the well known real estate companies with offices in many parts of India. This is their Kolkata office premises which Design Accord designed.

The Premises had lots of shafts for services going through which made the approach to reception area very narrow. Hence ivory coloured lacquered glass was used to make the space lighter and welcoming. The entire office hence had ivory as the base colour for the flooring while the false ceiling was a combination of gypsum and veneer finish. The furniture was designed to look light and minimalistic to make office spaces look larger than actual. Apart from the regular office spaces, there was a dedicated space to display models of the upcoming projects in the reception lobby.